Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pesto Egg English Muffin

This what I eat just about every morning. It has gone through may different variations but has always had three main ingredients. Egg, cheese and Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles. I don't always use English muffins, most the time I use a bagel thin or a sandwich thin but the English muffin gives it a much better flavor and the pesto just make it so much more delicious.
After making the Pesto Pizza I had some left over pesto and thought maybe I should use it for my breakfast. I had forgotten how much I love pesto and adding to my sandwich was a great idea.
Very simple and quick. I have a round pancake/egg mold I set on the pan, spraying Pam on the mold and the pan. In a separate bowl mix one egg and the sausage crumbles in a bowl. Break the yoke if you want, I try to keep it whole; The burst of flavor when I bite into the yoke is amazing. This is a very versatile recipe; if you are vegan you can use your normal substitutes and still enjoy. Pour the egg/sausage mix in the middle of the mold and cook. Take a lid for your pan, put a little water in the lid, pour the water around the egg and cover. The steam will cook the egg faster. Meanwhile, toast your muffin checking back with you egg every 20 or 30 seconds and make sure it is done. Put it all together and your done.
Calories: 294
To reduce calories omit pesto, use egg substitute/whites, omit sausage or omit cheese.
Just don't do all or it doesn't taste as wonderful.

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