Friday, January 18, 2013

Daily Health Tip #14

Crash diets are just that...Any diet that requires you to eat 2000 calories less is only going to hurt you. On the same token any diet that requires you eat a ton on meat and forgo ALL or extremely low carbs is also a train wreak waiting to happen. No one needs extreme measures to lose weight. If a diet is promising you will loss more than 2 pounds a week it is not safe. Your body is not designed for rapid weight loss, if you lose too much too fast you will gain most of it back... even more when you reach your goal and stop following that diet. This has happened to me with the south beach diet. I like The Biggest Loser but the reason these people are losing so much is because they are being constantly watched by doctors and if you look back a lot of them have gained a lot back. I heard a nutritionist say, "one women needs to lose 10 pounds and one women needs to lose 50. The first will adjust her eating and do more exercise and the other will do a crash diet and lose 50 pounds in the same amount of time women 1 does. Women 1 can return to her regular lifestyle and the other will continue to so that crash diet for the rest of her life in order to keep it off. Do you want to starve your self and never eat foods you like again and exercise 3 hours day? Probably not. Lose 1 to 2 pounds a week that is the best choice. There is one sure fire way to get better. Eat healthy choices more and sugary/high calorie choices less. You don't have to stop eating what you like you just have to control how much of it you take in. Go ahead and have that Snickers but only one regular size and only once a week or less. Not everyday. And on the other side. Gimmicky exercise programs. Don't choose these 150 dollar DVD sets that promise all the shiny things. These companies put all the great things on the box and make promises that you will have results in blah blah weeks. Real life doesn't happen over a couple weeks. Chances are it took years to get the way you are and you WONT change overnight. Just start walking more, get more active and sit less. Pay attention to how many EXTRA calories you burn and stay within a budget that is right for you. It doesn't have to cost money to get guaranteed results. It only costs willpower.

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