Thursday, December 16, 2010

Does School Really Ever End?

I have been really busy lately and posting here has not been a priority. I need to set a schedule,so that when it hit certain time I just sit and write something. I am done with my Thursday morning class now and I am happy to say I got an ‘A’. That's two classes down and 3 more to go. Tonight is my exam for Physical Wellness in a Modern Society and If I ace the test I will probably have a ‘B’. Then, after that I am taking my Introduction to Algebra Exam. On Monday I have to turn in my project for Stained Glass and then I am finished with school until January. I am so excited to be able to go home after work now and spend time with the kids. Of course, I think my manager will have me close more often then open so I think I will be going to work after spending time with the kids; Which is ok because Gabi has school off as well.

Here is the project I am working on for Stained Glass, I am creating a window to replace the window on the door of the nursery at church. It is not finished but It is almost done. The project is a image of my own design. I etched a cross in the middle of the sun piece and the path has different colors to because I want to signify that the path to Christ is not always perfect and will have it’s blotches but the end is worth it.