Monday, March 4, 2013

Health Tip #29: Keep Your Mind Active

A major part of being healthy is keeping your mind active. I mentioned before to always try to read. This time I am saying to watch and listen to news radio and TV. Keep your mind in the real world as much as you keep your mind in the fantasy world. Most network news isn't worth it but most local news is very informative and worth watching. NPR is the best source for news because, even though they do lean liberal they stay more middle with their coverage than any network news.

Of all the network TV the show think is the best news source is 60 Minutes. They are presenting some really good news reports lately. This week they delve into the housing "issue" in China. Amazing story.

How ever you get your news do it regularly to keep you brain happy. Even with all the depressing news out there it is important to keep your brain informed and active.