Thursday, December 16, 2010

Does School Really Ever End?

I have been really busy lately and posting here has not been a priority. I need to set a schedule,so that when it hit certain time I just sit and write something. I am done with my Thursday morning class now and I am happy to say I got an ‘A’. That's two classes down and 3 more to go. Tonight is my exam for Physical Wellness in a Modern Society and If I ace the test I will probably have a ‘B’. Then, after that I am taking my Introduction to Algebra Exam. On Monday I have to turn in my project for Stained Glass and then I am finished with school until January. I am so excited to be able to go home after work now and spend time with the kids. Of course, I think my manager will have me close more often then open so I think I will be going to work after spending time with the kids; Which is ok because Gabi has school off as well.

Here is the project I am working on for Stained Glass, I am creating a window to replace the window on the door of the nursery at church. It is not finished but It is almost done. The project is a image of my own design. I etched a cross in the middle of the sun piece and the path has different colors to because I want to signify that the path to Christ is not always perfect and will have it’s blotches but the end is worth it.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kids, Cleaning & Class


Yesterday, my wife went to Frankenmuth with my Mom and family. Luckily, I got the day off from work to be alone all day with my boys. I started the day by taking Gabi to school and then came home and played with the boys. After playing for a while I had to do some cleaning so I let them choose what toys they want to play with and told them that is all they could play with until I am done cleaning. It worked very well because I was able to get the house spotless. The boys Early Head Start Teacher came around 10 and we used finger paints to create pictures of our hand prints. Jude had fun but was too tired and almost fell asleep in the paint so I cleaned him up and put him straight to bed. We played with homemade play dough, which Liam loved more than the finger paints so his teacher gave him large chunk to keep. After she left I finished cleaning and spent the rest of the time playing with the boys and getting myself ready for my presentation for class. I was so caught up in playing I forgot to get Gabi from the bus stop. Fortunately her mom was at the bus stop from her brothers so she went back to her mom’s until I got there. At 5pm my sister-in-law, Nicole, showed up to watch the kids so I could go to school. I though I was going to be late from class because I left the house after 5:30pm and anyone who attends OCC knows you can’t get a spot after 5:30. I was shocked to find I was actually the first person in class! My presentation went well, I was upset though to find I got a 60% on my last paper. I got a few points off because I was in a rush when I wrote it. The main issue was the fact I didn’t turn in a sheet I needed to along with the paper so I lost out on 25 point. Fortunately I had done the sheet so I showed it to her and got the 25 points back to bring the grade to 85% the lowest grade I received in the class. I started to get worried about Nicole at home with the 3 kids and her newborn so, I asked the teacher if I could leave early since it was the last day of class and all we were doing was our presentation. She gave me my grade before I left and I was pleasantly surprised…104% overall in the class! The best part about the class being over is now I have a day free in the week and only 4 classes to worry about.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Glenn's Diner

A video I am using in my Career Planning class for my interview I did with Executive Chef David Najman.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am becoming increasingly satisfied with the state of my education. I am half way through my courses now and have a ‘B’ or better in all my classes. When I told people I was taking 5 classes everybody told me I was crazy, even my instructors. Taking 5 classes was a bit of an experiment because I wanted to test how much I can handle. I now know for the most part what my breaking point is. In the course of this experiment I had been truly tested when I lost my grandmother. In spite of this, I have been able to prosper.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Me and My Bald Head and Breaking habits


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As those of you who know me well know that I shave my head. The reason isn’t really so much that I am going bald but more of the fact that I think It looks good. A few years back, people kept telling me that I should shave my head, I didn’t like the idea because I was afraid it wouldn’t grow back. I eventually got head lice from my daughter and decided it was the best thing to do. I have been shaving my head ever since. When I was younger I had longer hair. I usually did a bowl cut which was the popular style in my preteen years. Having long hair I developed the habit of “flipping” my hair out of my eyes. Basically I would jerk me head so the the hair would uncover them. This habit sadly to say still exists to this day. Yes you read that right, I flip my hair still even though I have to hair to flip. It really is amazing how these habits people have exist beyond thinking. I have some other habits as well from when I was a child that I do and don’t realize it. I am trying to stop some habits but in order to break them you have to continuously think about not doing it and I can’t keep my mind focused enough to do that. Dr. Drew used to say that in order to brake habits or more specifically lose weight you need to see the habit a something that disgusts you. It is hard to find something that is so normal to you and tell yourself it is disgusting. I think that is why I have issues losing weight. I always think that I maybe big but I could be worse. I wonder if I can train myself to look at my body with disgust I will finally make that push. Of course, the idea of hating myself to get something I want goes against everything I believe in. Food for thought I guess. Anyone else have any thoughts on this please share.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Death, Kubler-Ross

Where have I been the past weeks you ask? Well I was busy mourning my grandmother. I have been in a deep depression that I really could not see through. I was depressed before my grandma died but after that I sunk much deeper. The only joy I found was in my kids and I don't see them much so I was not happy with my life and my decision to go to school. I fell behind in school and didn't have any care about catching up. Last Thursday while talking to my College Success Skills teacher she suggested I look at the Kubler-Ross model, also known as the 5 stages of death. Which states people go through 5 stages after losing a loved one Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I looked it over with Silva and we figured I was in the Bargaining stage. Mainly because I missed my kids so much I would do anything to see them. I tried to get off work early not caring about hours I need. I called Gabi in sick to school even though she was not sick at all. Realizing this I told myself how irrational it was. I of course went deep in to the depression stage and decided I had to take my medicine before something bad happens (I take celexa for anger and depression). I am feeling so much better and am definitely in the Acceptance stage.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Orchard

Yesterday on my day off we went to Miller's Big Red Orchard in Romeo. I have heard a lot of talk recently that Miller's was going down hill and that they are not worth going to. This is not true. Everything I expected was still the way it was when I was a kid. Well things were updated a bit but the feeling was still the same. The kids had a lot of fun. This was Liams 3rd year there so I think he had a definite understanding of what he was doing. Jude seemed to love it as well. Gabi was a sweetheart though I think she felt left out with the 2 boys and Sean being there didn't help either. There was allot of assuming the boys were being watched because every time I turned around someone was saying "where are the boys?".
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Friday was awesome. In the morning I woke up thinking I had to work like normal at 12pm. I realized at 10 I didn't have to work until 4pm. This fact changed everything. I now had 4 extra hours to play with my boys. We had so much fun and really caught up on the time I miss while I am in school and at work. On Sunday we are going to the apple orchard so I will get some time with Gabi. I realize how much I truly miss those kids. When I am at work and I here a kid in the play area scream it makes me miss Liam. Working at the mall I see babies all day and it really makes me appreciate the time I get to spend with them. Silva told me today that Liam was acting out a scene from Go Diego Go in which the monkey BoBo Brothers do something bad. Liam ran up to a pile of folded laundry and threw them around going BOBOBOBOBOBO. Silva saw him and said "Freeze BoBos!" and he stopped, said sorry and walked away. I am sad I missed that. I love those little monsters.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Quiz

Last week I had my first quiz in my College Success Skills class. It was also the first quiz this semester. Today I got it back. I am happy with the score, a nice 46 out of 45. What I was upset about was the fact that I did 4 extra credit questions and ended up with one extra credit. I have always been bad at test so I now know that I need to concentrate more on the answers. What I did wrong was I answered the questions but didn't elaborate enough. I knew this was a essay Quiz I should have answered all of them in complete paragraphs. Like I said I am not upset, just more aware of an area of improvement. Tonight I have my first Math Test in 6 years. I'm confident that I know what I need to in order to pass. My biggest issue is copying the equation, I will put a wrong number or make a 28 a 2 or an 8 for example. I will definitely need to pay extra attention to this. I can really ruin everything if I don't.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Post: Back to School

Those who don't know me should know I am a lazy person. I have a natural tendency to do nothing. Sit me at the computer and I will click around for hours and not accomplish a thing. At the begining of 2010 I decided to stop being lazy. I am going to go to school in the fall semester. This was no easy task of course. I have 3 kids. I am 25 and I have a 26 year old wife, a 8 year old daughter (from a previous relationship), a almost 3 year old son and a 1 1/2 year old son. Oh, yeah and my wife is pregnant...Again.

I decided to take the vast goal I set and break it up into smaller pieces. First, find financial add, with this many kids there is no way I can pay for it myself. Second, reapply to Oakland Community College, I took 2 classes in 2004 and never went back. Third, find out what I want to do! I decided on becoming a Chiropractor. Fourth, map out my classes I need to take to get into Chiropractic School. Fifth, apply for classes and finally juggle school and work and kids and life into 168 hours a week...Oh and some sleep, of course.

I am now in my fourth week of classes.