Friday, January 25, 2013

Health Tip #19: Vitamins

Vitamins are a controversial subject. Many people feel they aren't needed. I don't agree with this. I feel vitamins are important; especially when losing weight. I feel this way because I have seen a difference in my weight lose numbers when I regularly take them. Many vitamins act as metabolism boosters and it is a good idea to take vitamins that will maximize your metabolism. I don't like to drink energy drinks (that will be another tip later) so I instead I take Vitamin B Complex which contain more of the same vitamins that are in energy drinks. Not only do B vitamins provide energy but it will also increase your metabolism and boost red blood cell production, I also am sure to take a daily Multi-Vitamins (like One-A-Day) that will fill out all my other vitamins that I am not otherwise supplementing. I take a Vitamin C chew-able as well because it, not only helps your immune system, but it also pulls iron out of your body to increase oxygen levels. And there is more Vitamin C will boost you metabolic rate and burn fat. I also take St. Johns Wart to boost my mood it help a little and I have found that I am in a better mood when I take it. Not really a substitute but it is better than taking Zoloft. I am considering taking a Vitamin D and E but I am still studying up on those.

Here are a couple links about fat burning vitamins:

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