Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kids, Cleaning & Class


Yesterday, my wife went to Frankenmuth with my Mom and family. Luckily, I got the day off from work to be alone all day with my boys. I started the day by taking Gabi to school and then came home and played with the boys. After playing for a while I had to do some cleaning so I let them choose what toys they want to play with and told them that is all they could play with until I am done cleaning. It worked very well because I was able to get the house spotless. The boys Early Head Start Teacher came around 10 and we used finger paints to create pictures of our hand prints. Jude had fun but was too tired and almost fell asleep in the paint so I cleaned him up and put him straight to bed. We played with homemade play dough, which Liam loved more than the finger paints so his teacher gave him large chunk to keep. After she left I finished cleaning and spent the rest of the time playing with the boys and getting myself ready for my presentation for class. I was so caught up in playing I forgot to get Gabi from the bus stop. Fortunately her mom was at the bus stop from her brothers so she went back to her mom’s until I got there. At 5pm my sister-in-law, Nicole, showed up to watch the kids so I could go to school. I though I was going to be late from class because I left the house after 5:30pm and anyone who attends OCC knows you can’t get a spot after 5:30. I was shocked to find I was actually the first person in class! My presentation went well, I was upset though to find I got a 60% on my last paper. I got a few points off because I was in a rush when I wrote it. The main issue was the fact I didn’t turn in a sheet I needed to along with the paper so I lost out on 25 point. Fortunately I had done the sheet so I showed it to her and got the 25 points back to bring the grade to 85% the lowest grade I received in the class. I started to get worried about Nicole at home with the 3 kids and her newborn so, I asked the teacher if I could leave early since it was the last day of class and all we were doing was our presentation. She gave me my grade before I left and I was pleasantly surprised…104% overall in the class! The best part about the class being over is now I have a day free in the week and only 4 classes to worry about.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives: Glenn's Diner

A video I am using in my Career Planning class for my interview I did with Executive Chef David Najman.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I am becoming increasingly satisfied with the state of my education. I am half way through my courses now and have a ‘B’ or better in all my classes. When I told people I was taking 5 classes everybody told me I was crazy, even my instructors. Taking 5 classes was a bit of an experiment because I wanted to test how much I can handle. I now know for the most part what my breaking point is. In the course of this experiment I had been truly tested when I lost my grandmother. In spite of this, I have been able to prosper.