Thursday, January 24, 2013

Health Tip #18

Don't listen to your treadmills data. Every treadmill manufacture calibrates theirs different and usually use extremely healthy men to calibrate their calories burned monitor. By doing this the number can become inflated beyond what you actually burn. There are many other factors as well. If you use the fat burning program you will be keeping your heart rate down to a low level and when your heart rate is low you will burn less and a treadmill doesn't account for this difference and will display a higher burn amount. Don't rely on a treadmills heart rate monitor either because in order to be accurate you will have to hold on to the handles for your entire run. If your holding on you cant run very well and wont burn as many calories. Best way to accurately know your calories burned is by having a heart rate monitor that straps to your chest and records calories burned based on that.

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