Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daily Health Tip #16

Hungry and its bed time. Eat something. The whole never eat before bed time is for the most part a myth. If its bed time and your tummy is rumbling have an apple or some yogurt. Something that will give you a quick fix but with a enough calories to satisfy you until morning. If you go to bed hungry you will wake up in the middle of the night and eat. And when your sleepy and groggy and starving you will go for what ever your dreamy mind can find, leftover cake, chips, ice cream, leftover fried chicken, half a package of Oreo's Wash it down with a big glass of milk and you just consumed 500 calories. If you are starved you will be more prone to over eat. And then morning comes and you eat a decent breakfast and don't record the late night "snack". If you do eat before bed try to stay ways from the fatty foods and breads.

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