Thursday, January 17, 2013

Daily Health Tip #13

NO Artificial Sweeteners. We all know they aren't the best for us, but they are zero calories so they can't be all bad...right? Wrong. It is true that we need to cut back on sugars but it should not be replaced with chemicals that have been designed in a lab. The 3 main Artificial Sweeteners, Equal (Aspartame), Splenda (Sucralose) and Sweet and Low (Saccharin) are what we all see. They are also the worst thing to replace sugar with. When we eat something sweet we are telling our bodies that there will be lots of energy coming but when that energy never comes then our bodies start to tell us we are hungry, thus we eat more than we should because we feel hungry. They are also addicting so we always crave more sweeteners, which will cause us to crave more food and when your body is used to a highly sweetened things we crave more sweet foods. Still want that sweet taste in you coffee? Switch to NATURAL sweeteners like honey, agave or Stevia. I just switched to stevia. Since I have stopped drinking pop i am finding that I am not craving the artificial sweeteners as much so i am attempting to break myself from over sweetening my coffee and tea. I also feel that by doing this I will stop my body from only wanting sweet so I can get more used to the lightly sweetened GOOD foods like vegetables and fruits.

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