Friday, August 2, 2013


I have found that the best thing that keeps me going during my health journey is making a goal that I can stick to. In the beginning it was quitting drinking pop. I have been successful for the most part; I have a little here or there but not more than 2 or 3 times a month. After that I wanted to run a 5k and began to train for that. In June I completed that goal. I had made a goal of running a nother 5k in the fall but I feel because that wasn't a goal that would push myself further, I pretty much forgot about it. I haven't been running much and I haven't been working out in general. Since April, I have been doing these challenges on LoseIt! that have been getting more popular with every month. They have evolved in to this great community of people that always keep me going. In June I stopped logging my food and even though I didn't gain I also didn't lose any weight. When I started my July challenge I worked hard to get back in the habit and this group of people really help me achieve my goal of logging everyday. Now that we are here in August and I feel my interest waning I have decided I need a big goal...Wait thats not right...I need a BIG goal. There that better. As I was struggling to come up with this I met an amazing guy with the same goals as myself, Micah. I met him on Facebook in an "at home dads group" and since we had the same goal we started a group for at home dads that are looking to live a healthy lifestyle and lose weight. Last week in a conversation he mentioned he wanted to go with me and another dad in the group on a bike tour of Door County in Wisconsin. I thought he was joking and brushed it off. Then I noticed he started posting questions about tents and other "camping" type items and realized he was serious. This idea began to stew in my brain. At first, it was, "how cool would that be, to bad I can't do it." Then I began to think, "Wisconsin isn't that far away. Maybe." Then, "You are not fit enough to do that." Then another friend posted photos from his bike tour of the Netherlands and then it was, "Oh man, I want to do this." I contacted Micah and said, "Lets do this." He sent me a list of items he thinks we will need and after looking it over I discovered I had nothing on the list...Including the most important tool...A bike. After looking at prices including the bike and travel expenses to get to Wisconsin I'm looking at a cost of over $2000. And that wasn't counting the cost of food during the tour. The problem: I am a Stay At Home Dad. My wife makes enough to pay bills but as far as funding a trip for myself, not only do we not have the money but it would be selfish to expect my wife to pay for a goal I want to do without her. So I am putting it up to the world and asking anyone that can help to please, go to and donate any amount you can. Also If you have any items that you can loan or give me that is on my list let me know.