Sunday, September 26, 2010


Friday was awesome. In the morning I woke up thinking I had to work like normal at 12pm. I realized at 10 I didn't have to work until 4pm. This fact changed everything. I now had 4 extra hours to play with my boys. We had so much fun and really caught up on the time I miss while I am in school and at work. On Sunday we are going to the apple orchard so I will get some time with Gabi. I realize how much I truly miss those kids. When I am at work and I here a kid in the play area scream it makes me miss Liam. Working at the mall I see babies all day and it really makes me appreciate the time I get to spend with them. Silva told me today that Liam was acting out a scene from Go Diego Go in which the monkey BoBo Brothers do something bad. Liam ran up to a pile of folded laundry and threw them around going BOBOBOBOBOBO. Silva saw him and said "Freeze BoBos!" and he stopped, said sorry and walked away. I am sad I missed that. I love those little monsters.
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