Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Quiz

Last week I had my first quiz in my College Success Skills class. It was also the first quiz this semester. Today I got it back. I am happy with the score, a nice 46 out of 45. What I was upset about was the fact that I did 4 extra credit questions and ended up with one extra credit. I have always been bad at test so I now know that I need to concentrate more on the answers. What I did wrong was I answered the questions but didn't elaborate enough. I knew this was a essay Quiz I should have answered all of them in complete paragraphs. Like I said I am not upset, just more aware of an area of improvement. Tonight I have my first Math Test in 6 years. I'm confident that I know what I need to in order to pass. My biggest issue is copying the equation, I will put a wrong number or make a 28 a 2 or an 8 for example. I will definitely need to pay extra attention to this. I can really ruin everything if I don't.

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