Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Health Tip #26: Fat Consumption

Keep track of the amount of fat from food you consume as well as calories. The suggested amount is to stay around 20% to 35% of you overall nutrients. Most calorie trackers also track fat so just start looking at your nutrient percentages. I have noticed that even though I am losing weight my Body Fat Percent is going up. Basically I'm losing mass but not fat. I noticed my fat has been staying around 40% to 45%; the majority of my nutrients. If I don't decrease this number I will end up with extra flabby skin when I reach my goal. I don't want that. Some good ways to help lower fat. Look and see how many calories come from fat. My pesto I use everyday is 270 calories but 230 calories from fat for 1/4 cup. I don't use that much in a day but the ratio is not good. I will be cutting that out completely. Eat more veggies; our body needs good fat still and veggies have the healthiest source. Swap your ground beef with ground turkey. Not only does it have less calories but it also has less fat and is overall healthier. I have always preferred turkey burger but most people in my house do not so I haven't been buying it anymore. This is going to change.  You can also dab your food. Whether at a restaurant or at home you can decrease your calories by 300 a day if you just dab it with a napkin, especially if its pizza.

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