Sunday, February 3, 2013

Health tip #24: Eating Healthy is Expensive?

Every one has heard or said the phrase, "I would start eating better but health food is too expensive." This really is not true. Yes, prepackaged health food is more expensive but why do you need to buy those "health" options. Instead of getting foods that say, healthy on the front or made with natural ingredients, just make them at home. Want to buy a 'low calories" thin crust pizza, get a package of flour and yeast. Find a quick pizza dough recipe and make a pizza at home. Learn yo cook because not only will it be cheaper; taste how you want it to. It is easier to buy unhealthy because we have trained ourselves to rely on them so we have learned to buy them froogly. All we need to do is train yourself to buy healthy and keep the cost down. With time you will discover you are saving money; mainly because it costs more to feed someone who eats poorly and gets seconds or thirds than someone that eats healthy and only puts what they will eat on their plate.

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