Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Don't Shame the Girl, Shame the Parents

We have all seen it before. Some young girl wants to be famous and gets a music video made. It becomes viral for being terrible and the internet blows up. People start laughing and pointing at the young girl and in some cases even threatening the child. We first really saw it with Rebecca Black and her song "Friday" but now we have hit new low with "Shush Up" by Alison Gold.

In the video we see this 11 year old dancing around sexually in tight little outfits, being put on death row and even a few really creepy parts where she is upset about her adult boyfriend being locked up...Or something. I don't know I had to keep looking away out of fear the FBI would be knocking down my door for looking at this.

It is very easy to see this and go right for the girl but if you look deeper into what this is all about we should not be mad at her. This gem was created by Patrice Wilson of ARK Music Factory. What this guy does is charge a fee to write, produce and record a video for anyone that is willing to pay $2,000 to $4,000. Mind you, they get no rights to the song or video therefore Patrice Wilson is the one profiting from this garbage. In this case, much like the "Friday" video, we are seeing the parents paying for this man to do this for their child. 

What are these parents thinking! It is our job to protect our children and make sure they aren't presented in a way that will put them in danger. This video is a not only over-sexualizing a child but it is putting her in a position to be drooled over by pedophiles and ridiculed by the rest of the sane population. How can you protect you kids if you are paying someone to make something like this. I understand the girl probably is asking for this to be done but this is where you have to step in and say, "No" or "If you want but it has to be appropriate for your age." If they still want to make a video like this why must it be posted to Youtube? Can't you produce a song and video without releasing it to the public to mock.

To the parents of Alison Gold I say this: Take a good look at this video. See how the world is seeing your daughter in this video. Is that what you really want for her? I can't believe any parent would. I have an 11 year old the thought of her doing this make me taste vomit at the back of my throat. If you don't do something now and learn to tell them, "No." I guarantee you that you will regret it later if you don't.

Update: It would seem the video was taken down. Be happy you didn't get to see it.

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