Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Class Now! God is My Guide.

15 minutes. That how much time I have to freak out! My heart is beating a million beats a minutes and I can get it to slow down. Everything I can possibly think about right now is flowing through my mind. Am I going to fail? What if I hate my teacher? Will my car make it home? Will I have a bowel movement at the most important part of the class? Will people like me? Am I having a panic attack or is my body just going crazy because of that 5 hour energy I drank? I think I'm just crazy. I know that I have nothing to fear but for some reason I still can't shake that feeling. I keep thinking this stormy weather is an omen to what this class will be like but I think that's just the irrational part of my mind trying to freak me out. I just need to remember that God is my guide. Through Jesus I can calm my mind and get through this. OK now that I wrote that I am starting to calm down.

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